Dedicated to helping grieving families lower their funeral costs

The death of someone of a younger age normally brings with it a different set of issues with which families have to deal and come to terms with than if the deceased was elderly. The intense grief of a young life ending prematurely, and the devastating sense of loss afterwards is something that no Wife, Husband, Mother, Father, Son or Daughter should have to go through. As caring funeral directors we are not only here to help these families deal with the practical issues, but also to stand by their side, giving support and guidance to help them through this most difficult of times. 

An increasingly common issue that families dealing with a young death struggle with is the financial impact. If the deceased is over the age of 16yrs they will have to find funding for the cost associated with an adult funeral. There are few young families able to easily afford these ever increasing costs. For example, if the life of a 28 year old father of two young children is tragically cut short, the wife is often thrown into the Funeral poverty trap, while struggling to continue providing for herself and her children, and having to find the high costs of providing a dignified and respectful funeral for her husband.

Most funeral directors do not make a charge for their services when dealing with the death of a child, usually up to the age of 16yrs, although there may be some external fees payable.  We at Nigel Groves Funeral Directors have set the age for which we will provide our services free of charge for a child’s funeral to 18yrs. We also believe that more should be done within the community to help younger families that do not fall within this category, but who have to face the same financial hardships. Our first contribution to helping young families during such tragedy is therefore to provide an ‘At Cost’ funeral service for any person up to 30 years of age at the time of death. Controlling rising funeral costs, and providing an exceptional level of service and care, is something that we are passionate about, so this is the start of an initiative we will be actively driving to try and help reduce these costs within the Weston-Super-Mare community, and beyond across Somerset.

If you want to be part of the change and help to combat funeral poverty.... it’s a simple matter of making the right choice when you need the services of a Funeral Director. Firstly, don’t rush, pick the phone up, talk to that person who will be at your side, ask about what they will do for you, and their cost for providing that service. Loyalty comes at a price, so please make sure that your historic choice of Funeral Director is a loyalty that deserves your continued support. The highest standards of care and respect given to you and your loved ones by your chosen funeral director should never be a question of compromise, no matter what you pay. All families who use Nigel Groves Funeral Directors, receive a personal service with the highest level of care and support, and even though our charges are the most competitive, these families will still be contributing to helping us combat funeral poverty within Weston-Super-Mare, and the wider Somerset community.