Pre-Paid Funeral Planning Centre

With the growing public awareness of funeral cost, many people are wisely turning to pre-paid funerals in order to beat the annual rise. A pre-paid funeral is simply paying for your funeral at today's cost before you require it and guaranteeing all the necessary costs are covered.
However, in the same way that people are being stung by the massive price differences between their local funeral directors at the time of need, so too are people falling prey to the unnecessary high charges of a pre-paid funeral while believing to be saving themselves money.

If you have pre-paid your funeral within the last two years, then I am giving you this golden opportunity to get back any money you have overpaid to your funeral plan provider. Without cost or obligation, I can take a look at you pre-paid funeral plan to make sure you've received the best price available. Depending on who you've purchased your funeral plan with, how you've paid and how long ago, I can give advice that could see you receiving up to £1000 back from you funeral plan while still having in place a fully guaranteed, fully covered funeral plan, without jeopardising the level of care/service you'll receive. In fact, you'll see an increase in the quality and standard of care and service. 

Even if you choose to continue with your current plan or we find that your plan is the best offer/option for you, you will leave me knowing you've made a fully informed decision and will be better informed of the cover that you have purchased.