New Funeral Director starts Facebook and Twitter campaign to combat crippling funeral poverty

A NEW funeral director has become the first ever to combat crippling funeral poverty via Facebook via a unique new plan to bring funerals into the 21st Century.

Nigel Groves is furious that the cost of funerals have risen seven times higher than the cost of living in recent years and has set up his own modern yet traditional funeral directors in Worle High Street to solve the problem.

He has now taken to Facebook and Twitter to campaign against the fast-growing problem.

Nigel said: "After years in corporate funeral directors, I got fed up with the rising cost of funerals. I am now to use Facebook and Twitter to start a campaign of awareness to show people in Weston-super-Mare that it doesn't have to be this way. It really, really doesn't."

Nigel's firm is 100% lower priced than some other local funeral directors and are the only local firm with their £999 simple funeral fee being less than the compulsory external or 'disbursement’ costs for loved ones which total over £1200 for the crematorium, doctors' and minister costs.

Nigel is also bringing back the traditional funeral send off with businesses surrounding his Funeral Home on Worle High Street already participating as a community coming together, to line the street as the funeral hearse drives very slowly by to show respect and celebrate the life lost.

After over 10 years working in an upper management position for a big corporate funeral directors, Nigel wants to give something back, and help out cash-strapped local people but also offer a personal service which brings back traditional ways of respecting those lives lost within the community.

Nigel said: "I am passionate about giving people in grief a really personal tailored service at the worst time of their lives. I am available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, and Facebook and Twitter will be a massive part of the way that we interact with people.

"We are a family funeral directors who not only work, but also live within the community we serve.

"We want to restore traditional values of sending off the deceased, with a traditional hearse, and asking local businesses and people if they could pause their day for just a minute to line the streets in respect as the hearse passes very slowly by. The deceased deserve that last chance at being shown respect and dignity as they make their last journey, and we want to involve the community as in days gone by.

"I am also determined to offer the most cost effective funerals for local people in recognition of our growing ‘Foodbank’ generation when people are genuinely struggling to make ends meet."

To contact Nigel see or call 01934 525042.