Funeral Price Freeze

Each year many Funeral Directors and Funeral Service providers will take the decision to increase the cost of their services. 

While we all have a right to make a living and with a few of us even lucky enough to receive a pay rise that matches the annual inflation and cost of living, the amount that many Funeral Service providers choose to annually increase their costs by can be as much as 8%.

We have chosen not to increase our cost, but instead to re-asses our pricing structure.

This has broadened the service that we are able to provide whilst making sure that the charges made are appropriate for the service we are providing.

We have also simplified our pricing structure by creating three different packages which have each been developed to suit many, however there will always remain a fourth ‘Bespoke’ option.

We can now offer a service from as little as £749.00 (£1453.00 inclusive of external charges).