Burn Out or Fade Away

Cremation v Burial
With approx. 80% of deaths in the UK ending in cremation, it is clear that this is the more favoured option when it comes to the final earthly journey of our dearly departed.
Some do however find themselves stumbling over the decision between burial or cremation.
Generally, a struggle to make a decision is borne out of a lack of knowledge and information.
It is difficult to list the ‘pros and cons’0 of burial verses cremation as a ‘pro’ for one person may be a ‘con’ for another, so her is a list of important points to consider.
Burial is the final act of committal. The deceased is placed into their final resting place.
You are left with a specific place to visit – the comfort of knowing that they are there. A grave to tend and maintain. A head stone.
There is little restriction on what can be placed into the coffin with the deceased. E.g. – If they had always said they wanted to go with a favourite bottle of beer, this wish can be carried out.
Cost – In Weston-super-Mare, at present it costs £921.00* to purchase a burial plot and then £850.00* for the interment fee. There will also be a cost of £100* for the use of the chapel. The cost of a headstone will be from approx. £1000.00* and may require future maintenance.
Please note – I have been told by clients on many occasions that they had been told by funeral directors that they must have a solid wood coffin for a burial. This is not true! There are very few restrictions with regards to the vessel that can be used for burial.
Cremation is not the final act of committal. Once the cremation has taken place, there are still remains (Ashes) to be taken care of. This will mean that although there has been a sense of finality on the day of the funeral, there may be a need to revisit.
Cremated remains can offer a sense of freedom with regards to committal options.
They can be scattered privately at a favourite place, scattered at the crematorium in their garden of rest, buried in a grave with a memorial stone, scattered at sea, made into jewellery or contained within a pendant, put into fireworks, kept at home or I have placed cremated remains into the coffin of a spouse for a joint burial.
There is an unlimited amount of time that can be taken to decide how best to depose of cremated remains.
As with burial, you can choose to bury the cremated remains which allows there to be a grave which can bring you the comfort of knowing that they are there, and will give you somewhere to visit.
Cremated remains can be divided which can allow for numerous choices.
There are restrictions of what can be placed with the deceased into a cremation coffin. No glass or ceramic is permitted, no plastics, nothing that contains a battery, only natural fibres.
Cost – In Weston-super-Mare at present it will cost £872.00* for a cremation service. This includes the use of the chapel. The cost to purchase a grave within the cemetery for the ashes to be buried is approx. £1200.00*.
For some in-depth information about cremation, please see out blog ‘Behind The Curtain’. Follow the link below –
*Costs correct as of June 2016