1st Anniversary

Today we celebrate our first successful year in business.

We have achieved a fantastic year and the business has well exceeded all of our expectations.

We know that we could never have achieved this success without the support of our family and friends as well as the families we have helped throughout the year.

These families have placed enormous trust in us during their most difficult, painful and darkest times, and have allowed us the honour of helping them through a part of that time.

They have then shared their experience with others; telling those they know and talk to, that we have done well by them and the loved one that they have lost.

For this we are forever grateful!

As of yet, we do not have a company logo and so we have decided to mark our first anniversary by inviting all of our friends, family and supporters; as well as those families that we have helped, to help us in creating our logo.

We have had a tree drawn up, and we will have the fingerprints of those who have supported us within our community to form the leaves.

Once the tree is complete, the finished piece will be scanned and shrunk down to create the logo with the original taking pride of place on our family room wall.

We wanted a logo that symbolised strength in numbers, community, love and support, so this seemed like the perfect way to create it.

We’re really excited to see the progress and the finished piece!!

We both feel so very blessed and incredibly thankful for the year that we have had. 

We’ve had some pretty tough times along the way, but these times have been completely outdone by the gratitude we’ve received and the daily satisfaction that comes from truly helping, guiding and loving those in their darkest time.

We could never have achieved the success of our first year without the support and trust of others but we both know, most of all, we could never have succeeded without each other!

We both love what we do and have never felt fulfilled doing anything else… Here is where we’re meant to be!

Thank you for an amazing year and here’s to many more!

With Love 

Nigel and Claire