Weston-super-Mare, Now Is The Place To Die!

When Nigel and I first started our business only 18 months ago, we did it with the mindset of changing the attitude within the funeral business; wanting to make sure that those in need of the services of a funeral director knew the standard of service they should expect and receive, with ourselves providing an extremely high standard of care, dignity and service without the extreme price tag.

Our overall aim was to shake up the funeral industry, make other funeral directors stand up, pay attention and work harder for the money they were charging, and/or reduce the cost of their funeral services.

We are thrilled to say that this week we have officially achieved our goal in re-shaping the attitudes of others within the business. At least two other funeral directors in Weston-super-Mare have obviously felt the pressure, and finally decided to slash the cost of their services by an average of 50%!

This is massive, not only for the town of Weston-super-Mare, who are now continuing to move further away from the fears of ‘Funeral Poverty’, but also for the industry as a whole.

All this said, a funeral service isn’t just about the money, and we still strongly recommend that when exploring your funeral options, you contact at least three different funeral directors to get to know them a little, and find out more about the services provided within each price you are quoted. Be fully aware of any service restrictions that you may be forced to abide by, for example, can ‘you’ chose a date and time for the funeral? ...do you have unrestricted access to visit your loved one in the chapel of rest, on a day and at a time that suits you?.... Are the quotes and services a true ‘Like for Like’?  

We are incredibly thankful to the other Funeral Homes for taking the plunge into now offering their funeral services at a fair cost and hope that their move will inspire other firms to reduce some of the unreasonably high cost that they are currently charging, or at least openly advertise their costs and give bereaved families a chance to make clearer, well informed decisions.

Claire x